Disaster Preparedness

The information provided here is gathered from multiple sources. Many items are written for residents of Steele County. The page is currently being developed and additional information will be added in the future.

General Information
Prepare For An Emergency - Prepare for the unexpected.
Emergency Alert Systems - Information on how warnings are issued.

Personal and Family Protection
Carbon Monoxide Detectors - Learn the types, use, and maintaining these imporant life saving devices.
Fire Extinguishers - Learn the types, use, and maintenance of fire extinguishers.
NOAA All Hazard Alert Radio - Learn about the benefits and use.
Sandbags - Read about the basics of filling and stacking sandbags.
Smoke Detectors - Installation and Maintenance Tips
Sprinkler Systems - Myths and Facts

Fire Safety
Fire Safety General Information
Fire Escape Planning

Public Hazards
Biological Hazard - Prepare for and know how to react to a biological incident.
Carbon Monoxide - Be alert to this silent and deadly hazard.
Chemical Hazard - Prepare for and know what to do for chemical releases.
Explosive Hazard - Know how to react to bomb threats.
Flood Hazard - What to do before, during, and after a flood.
Heat and Humidity - Be alert to heat related illnesses.
Lightning Hazard - Learn the myths and facts about lightning
Nuclear Hazard - Information on how to respond to radiation.
Terrorism Threats - Follow these general guidelines for terrorism threats.
Tornado Hazard - Prepare for and know how to respond to a tornado.
Winter Storms - Be ready for winter storms