Welcome to the Steele County Emergency Management Portal. The website was designed with the primary goal of providing Emergency Operation Center Officials with real time access to the ever changing Emergency Operations Plan. Accurate and up to date information is crucial before, during, and after local and national emergencies. Emergency Management officials are issued a unique username and password to gain access to the secured information area.

This valuable online resource also provides both static and dynamic safety information to the public to help you prepare for an emergency. Static information is delivered to help educate the public to increase hazard awareness. In the event of a major event such as an avian flu outbreak, the Emergency Management Office will utilize this site to relay up-to-date safety information in real time.

Note the logo for Steele County Emergency Management consists of four arrows forming a circle. The four arrows represent a systematic approach where each arrow represents one phase of a comprehensive process:

  • Mitigation — Actions involve lasting, often permanent, reduction of exposure to, probability of, or potential loss from hazard events.
  • Preparedness — Since emergencies often evolve rapidly, preparedness involves planning for emergency actions and securing the resources to support them.
  • Response — When an incident occurs, response represents the time-sensitive actions to save lives and property.
  • Recovery — After the initial response, recovery is the effort to restore infrastructure and the social and economic life of a community to normal.

There is not beginning or end to the process. Mitigation and Preparedness are ongoing efforts to identify hazards and prepare for them. Response and Recovery actions are the result of an event occuring. The recovery process includes mitigation actions as part of the preparation for the next event.

Last Updated ( Friday, 28 June 2012 )