CERT – Community Emergency Response Team

  • Someone on the ground being tended to by Emergency PersonalHave you ever wondered what you would do in the event of a major disaster?
  • What if a tornado struck large areas of Steele County?
  • What if first responders were over-whelmed, or couldn’t reach your neighborhood or business?
  • How should you respond?

Steele County, through the CERT program offers neighborhood training and assistance to prepare for such events.

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Classes are being scheduled on an on-going basis. See Sign-Up information below. Training and equipment are provided at no cost to CERT volunteers.

What is CERT:

CERT training prepares citizens to serve as first responders in the homes and in their neighborhoods until emergency personnel arrive. CERT members lean about neighborhood safety during emergency situations such as power outages, storm and other emergencies (natural or man-made hazards). CERT volunteers are trained to respond quickly and decisively.

Emergency Responders sitting in a room being briefed
Emergency Responders at a training event assessing

How Does it Work?

CERT classes are offered in the Spring and Fall and taught by local FEMA certified Trainers. The volunteer members of Steele County CERT will learn the basics of disaster preparedness, fire safety, disaster medical operations (assessment, treatment, triage and treating life threatening injuries), learn to control utilities in a fire, rapid treatment techniques for injuries and shock, basic first aid, light search and rescue operations, disaster psychology, organizing teams, and terrorism awareness.

CERT volunteer members will receive basic safety equipment; helmet, goggles, gloves, first aid kit, lights, tools, manual/guide, etc. The training will require about 27 hours to complete.

With over 12 class groups, Steele County developed over 175 trained CERT members. Become involved with your community.

SIGN UP NOW by calling Steele County Emergency Management at 507-444-7500

For more information about CERT:

Steele County CERT
c/o Steele County Emergency Management
630 Florence Ave.
Owatonna MN 55060